DOBI's domain name adjustment


為滿足多比交易平臺發展需要,多比域名根據業務進行升級調整。多比交易平臺以www.dobitrade.com為主域名,支持國際用戶訪問, 國內用戶如出現因部分地區網絡不兼容導致網址打開不穩定現象,建議您使用www.dobiexchange.com訪問多比. 為不影響您的交易體驗,請您訪問並收藏該地址。如有疑問,請聯系多比客服(客服郵箱,給您帶來的不便,敬請諒解!

Dear Dobi Customers:

After Dobitrade’s website upgrade, please note that will continue to be our main website to support trading services in global market. If you have limited or unstable access to this address in China, please try Both of the websites are official, please feel free to visit. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have any question please contact our customer service center: you for your cooperation!

DOBI 團隊(DOBI Team)